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Educational Centre by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda

Educational Centre En El Chaparral by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda

Colors § Colours: From a very colorful kindergarten, the Educational Centre En El Chaparral in Granada, Spain designed by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda.

The transparent cabin made of wood and mirrors. Via TheMetaPicture

Transparent Cabin…

Funny pictures about Transparent Cabin. Oh, and cool pics about Transparent Cabin. Also, Transparent Cabin.

Resedential building - Poland

Rebel One / WWAA

Built by WWAA in Warsaw, Poland with date Images by Jakub Certowicz. The first building to be designed and developed as a part of the complex is rebel one. It is one of two architectural.

Convent de Sant Francesc

Convent de Sant Francesc / David Closes

Convent de Sant Francesc by David Closes in Santpedor, Catalonia. The church is all that remains of a Franciscan convent that spent over 150 years in ruin in the town of Santpedor. It has been converted into an auditorium by architect David Closes.

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral / Broissin Architetcs,© Paúl Rivera

Galería de Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral / Broissin Architetcs - 6

Kosárlabda pálya, Pannonhalma

Kosárlabda pálya, Pannonhalma

Műteremház Debrecenben

Műteremház Debrecenben

Vakok Gyermekotthona

Gallery of Batthyány László Institute for the Blind / Studio - 4