Fall Lessons and Activities For Preschool

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two children holding hands with the words peer scaffolding in front of them
Peer Scaffolding and How To Encourage it In Your Preschool Classroom
When teaching preschool, peer scaffolding is an important component in a successful classroom community. #TeachingPreschool #PeerScaffolding #ClassroomCommunity #TeachingTips
two young children playing with wooden blocks and toys that say, what is differentation & why do we use it in preschool?
What is differentiation?How to use it in preschool.
Do you know how to differentiate in your class? These are great tips for differentiation in preshcool and prek.
a collage of photos with the words, sensory bins for preschoolers
Sensory Bin Ideas!
Fantastic sensory bin ideas for preschoolers and toddlers!
a colorful kite flying in the sky with words learning about wind and simple preschool activities
Learning About Wind At Preschool
Fantastic preschool science activities to explore wind and weather at preschool.
science experiments for preschoolers that are fun to do with the kids and they will be able
Science Experiments for Preschoolers
Teach STEM in your preschool class with these great science experiments for preschoolers. Hands on science for prek!
an adult and child are preparing food on a table
Funds of Knowledge Definition
How to use Funds of Knowledge in your classroom!
the printable name letter hunt for kids is shown with markers and crayons
Name Letter Hunt- Free Printables
Help your preschool students learn letters with these name letter hunt activities. This printable name letter hunt is free!
there are pictures of children's activities on the table and in front of them
5 senses activities and printables for preschool
So many wonderful preschool five senses activities from Allie over at notimeforflashcards.com preschool activities!
the cover of if i built a house activities for preschool
If I Built A House Book Activities
Incredible preschool activities that mathich If I Built A House by Chris Van Dusen. Awesome prek STEM activities !
not a box drawing activity for prek
Not A Box Activity
Preschool Not a Box Activity
How and why do we teach STEM to preschoolers? Learn not how to teach STEM to preschoolers but get STEM activities for your class too. Unifix Cube Activities, Preschool Science Lessons, Preschool Technology, Preschool Math Games, Teaching Shakespeare, Stem Curriculum
How To Teach STEM to Preschoolers
How and why do we teach STEM to preschoolers? Learn not how to teach STEM to preschoolers but get STEM activities for your class too.
a collage of pictures with the words 11 free choice library activities for preschool
Literacy Activities For Preschoolers
independent activities for preschool that promote literacy development. Great alphabet activities.
books about families with the title overlaying them in black and white, including children's books
Books About Families for Preschool
Find just the right book for your class from this amazing list of books about families for preschool and kindergarten.
two children are playing with cardboard boxes on the table
Engineering Activity for Preschool
This engineering activity for preschool is a perfect mix of design and creativity. Pair it with the awesome book Boxitechs and you are set!