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The significance of the Ascendant Sign is that it gives you important information on you, your personality, according to where the Sun was rising on the day you were born. You can also learn more about your partner if you learn their Ascendant Sign as well. Find out more about this in our next blog discussion series on those with #TaurusRising.

If you or your partner is Leo Rising, then your love matters must be very exciting indeed. We are at the Leo stage in our journey of the Ascendant signs, one which I think you will find very enlightening if a Leo is in your life. You can follow the blog here, and LinkIn with me to see some great videos on the exciting topic of Rising Signs!

I hope you have been enjoying the blog series on Ascendant Signs. What better way to learn more about yourself, or even about your partner!  Check out this week's blog on Gemini Rising.

I hope you all enjoyed the Rising Sign series as much as I have. Knowing more about your rising sign can be so helpful to you in understanding why you present yourself to the world a certain way. Or about how your partner does as well! But your rising sign isn't the only clue in your compatibility, and that's exactly what I discussed in last week's blog. Here is more on that!

Norah Guide Discusses the Importance of Rising Sign Compatibility

To ease up the cosmic discomfort we are looking at some of the personal planets in our blog discussions right now. Here is the latest installment in our Ascendant Sign series, an intriguing look at all that is to love about the Fire Sign Sagittarius Rising. Enjoy!

Norah Guide Discusses The Significance of the Ascendant Sign: Sagittarius Rising

Your Rising Sign is a very important part of your astrologically ordained personality. So much so that I'm covering an entire blog series on the topic. What does it mean if you are a Scorpio Rising? Find out here!

Norah Guide Discusses The Significance of the Ascendant Sign: Scorpio Rising

I hope you have been enjoying the Rising Sign discussions, this week we covered Virgo Rising. If you have a Virgo Rising in your life, then you probably have a very practical, organized person. Virgos can be such wonderful charming people, and they will be your friend for life once they’ve picked you. Find out more about Virgo Rising on this week’s blog!

We have some Neptune action in the skies today my friends, and so what better day to post the inside info on Pisces Rising. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which makes it one of the most intuitive and psychic signs of the zodiac. If you or someone you know is a Pisces Rising, consider yourself very blessed indeed. Be sure to check out last week's blog that wraps up our discussion on the Ascendant Signs for more info!