Petal skirt

Pretty PETAL like skirt idea, pattern inspiration. Nice for a little girl's skirt.

Посты с сайта | Фотографии и советы на Постиле

The website sucks, but the image is pretty descriptive & I plan on trying this soon.

Everywear Tails

Halter and tails style Vest - Free pattern! (wonder how hard it'd be to add sleeves)


方方作品——为春夏准备的裙子 Fang Fang works - prepare for the spring and summer skirts

skirts skirt skirts

This is a link to a FABULOUS range of skirts & patterns that create different shaped skirts - from modern to classic. Pin it, pattern makers! This is like every skirt ever. And then some more skirts. All the skirts i tell you!

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