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U.S.ARMY - Soldato scelto della 101th Airbourne Division armato con carabina Garant M1A1 e granate ananas M3

USARMY - PFC of the Airborne Division armed with Garand rifle and pineapple (fragmentation) grenade -

Image result for german gas mask can

Image result for german gas mask can

British Paratrooper uniform, equipment and Mk V Sten gun WW2.                                                                                                                                                     More

Sergeant, UK Airborne, 1944 01 – MkII helmet- jump version, with camouflage net 02 – Battle-dress 03 – “Denison smock” jacket 04 – face camouflage net 05 – toggle rope 06 – boots 07 – leggings 08 – webbing 09 – Sten MkV SMG with bayonet 10 – grenade

50 tons de cinza.

Apparently the manufacturers of these original wartime tunics never received their copy of the Fuhrer Befehl (order) that states all wool MUST be the same shade of fieldgrau.