Recicla una camiseta para crear un cuadro infantil

Recicla una camiseta para crear un cuadro infantil

T shirt canvas art. Cute idea for those baby clothes keepsake.


Make a sandbox with a tire! a tractor tire sandbox painted, add sand and an umbrella Tractor tires made great sandboxes .

Mesita reutilizando un neumático / Tavomatico - miolab

Mesita reutilizando un neumático

Ideas for used tires.Using for outdoor seating/tables as an upcycle would be cool

Plastic bottle horses! (",)

DIY Hobby horse or stick horse ~ What a fun craft! Love the use of a plastic bottle.maybe spray paint the bottle brown!

Plastic Bottle Baskets #upcycling

Recycling : Plastic Bottle Baskets I like this idea for traveling. Bring some things for the car in upcycled plastic basket

DIY amazing ways to Recycling

DIY Plastic Bottle Recycling: Starting/Planting garden plants in milk jugs; Most Intriguing -- the milk jug igloo -- on a raised base with the entrance on the leeward side, this could be a nice place to play even in cooler weather.


Amazing animals created by recycling tires! What a great idea! You could make an elephant chain for around the backyard!

Cesta reciclada forrada en fieltro

Cesta reciclada forrada en fieltro

Crafty Craft, Ideas Para, Craft Ideas, Diy Ideas, Paper Basket, Fabric Basket, Woven Baskets, Felt Projects, Reuse

how to update an office chair into a cute Craft Room Chair ~ Sugar Bee Crafts

Craft Room Chair

From blah to stylish- redo a ho-hum office chair to add some style to your space.

15 Creative Recycling DIY Plastic Projects

I believe you have many plastic material at home. Well,Top Dreamer has for you 15 creative recycling diy plastic projects.

DIY CD Disco Ball

NTS: Use cut up CD's for mosaic projects.// Cut up an old CD and glue to clear ornament. The lights of the tree reflect off the surfaces beautifully. I knew I would find some use for all those old CDs!