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Temu|30pcs Inlaid Colorful Oval Cut Faux Gems Finger Ring Boho Style Vintage Couple Finger Rings Party Favors
my kiddles Mattel Dolls, Jewelry Flower, Real Doll, Those Were The Days, Real Jewelry
my kiddles
several small plastic toys are in the shape of heart shaped bell jars with cartoon figures on them
little kiddles from the 70's | little kiddles dolls from the 1960s | Vintage Kiddle Kologne Lot Dolls ...
a bunch of charms that are sitting on a table
Vintage charm bracelet with charms from 1901 to 1970 i keep adding its very heavy i love it.
four small colorful hand fans sitting on top of a white table next to each other
Vintage 1960's Dime Store Mini Fans2