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there are three oranges, two hot dogs and one green bottle on the table
Hot dog and hamburger charms and Coke bottles. I used these for my Barbies!
there are many small toy animals on the table
Vintage Cracker Jack Charms3
a collection of small toy figurines on a white surface with strings attached to them
Vintage Celluloid Charms Cracker Jack Gumball
two boxes filled with assorted items sitting on top of a white table next to each other
Two Vintage 10 Cent Gumball Machine Charms Prizes Display Cards Sealed | #1936598475
NO SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE U.S......Here I have two vintage gumball machine charm/prize header display cards. Both cards are sealed and charms are mint. The one on the left is 6 x 5 and the one the righ
Silly Keychain, Elvis Jewelry, Real Rings, Capsule Toys, Rings Stones, Earrings Display, Crystal Choker Necklace, Boho Choker, Diamond Choker
Real Rings Jewelry Elvis Necklace Earrings Gumball Vending Machine Disp Card #34 • $37.99
a green tray topped with lots of different types of keychains and other items
vintage gumball machine header card
there are many different toy items on the table
Collected a lot of charms
an assortment of toys including scissors and other items
there are many small toys on the table together in this pile, including little people and other things