Growing your own fruits and vegetables year round has never been easier and with this DIY greenhouse project there’s no excuse for you.

How to build your own greenhouse? -

Best DIY Projects: Become self-reliant! Instead of spending lots of money on pesticide laden, genetically modified veggies you can grow your own. The taste (and nutrition) of home grown food is far superior to the grocery store variety and your cost is al

Saber como plantar tomates em casa passa por assegurar alguns cuidados essenciais, ainda que o seu cultivo seja relativamente simples, já que este fruto po

Como Plantar Tomates em Casa

Live in a small space? Interested in container gardening? Check out these tips and learn which plants grow best in small spaces like an apartment patio.

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Uncovered materials: How to root cuttings of roses from a bouquet. Bought in a flower shop - a description of technology with visual photos. How to grow elite varieties of roses from cuttings from a gift bouquet.

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DIY Covered Greenhouse Garden: A Removable Cover Solution to Protect Your Plants

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Simple DIY Ideas for an indoor garden-especially the carton planters-great use for almond milk containers! Creative ideas for gardening using recycled or upcycled items!

Confira algumas formas criativas de coisas que você pode fazer para aplicar em seu jardim e deixa-lo muito mais bonito, com certeza você vai...

Verti-Cool Display For this rustic arrangement, Clark screwed hardware-store hose clamps onto a freebie wood pallet, added pots and herbs, and leaned it against the deck railing