# 12. Instale paredes deslizantes! (Para a privacidade, mantendo um ambiente aberto) | 29 Dicas para Sneaky pequeno espaço vivo

29 Sneaky DIY Small Space Storage and Organization Ideas (on a budget!)

11 soluções para espaços de medidas enxutas - Casa armario porta de correr

11 soluções para espaços de medidas enxutas

This would be a great room divider for a studio apartment, or large room by margarita

This is a pretty great system. This might be an idea for the living area partition. Sliding door, room divider design could be adapted to look more Asian to suit individual styles rather than Oriental style in the photo.

portas de correr ajudam a otimizar o espaço... gosto! :)

Apartamento dos recém-casados conquistou amplitude com decoração clean

absolutely genius. Such an itty bitty space in her kitchen only 6"! and look at…

I love this idea for a spice rack. Perfect for apartments and small kitchens! Got of space? Create a sliding pantry!

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