Olympus - Optical zoom

A clever and funny ad banner ad from Olympus showing just how powerful the zoom function on their binoculars really is.

Baby Ronald    Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, New Delhi, India  Art Director/Illustrator: Sumonto Ghosh  Published: N/A

McDonald's "Baby Ronald - I'm lovin' it" Print Ad - Leo Burnett, New Delhi

Lovely branding

Hathor Creamery is a traditional, family-owned food company that produces organic dairy produce. For both their logo design and packaging layout they opted for a deliberate retro-vintage style.

Naked Premium Beer Packaging - If a company has pride in its products then surely an honest exposure of them is a clever merchandizing strategy. Naked Premium Beer packaging tell.

Fight obesity with…bullying.

Harsh reality: Critics argue that the images of overweight children will just make them feel bad about themselves but health officials argue it is necessary to inform the public of the true face of child obesity

Red Cross: Donation, Sea

Advertiser: International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Brand name: Red Cross Agency: Oniria\TBWA Asuncion Country: Paraguay Category: Charities, Foundations, Volunteers Released: September 2011

Kellogg’s - Hello delicious!

The Print Ad titled Kellogg's Frosted Miniwheats: Strawberry was done by Leo Burnett Chicago advertising agency for product: Kelloggs Frosted Miniwheats (brand: Mini-Wheats) in United States.