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Soulwinning Scriptures
Soulwinning Scriptures
a person reading a book with the title 4 tips to experience god's peace
4 Tips to Experience God's Peace
Find peace with God even in times of hardship. Discover comforting Bible verses and practical tips to help you stay grounded in faith during tough seasons. Learn how to lean on God's promises and embrace His peace in every situation.
a woman leaning against a wall with the words how to find your calling from god
Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Calling from God
Unpack your spiritual gifts and talents that God has bestowed and learn how these are intricately linked with your life's calling. This informative guide will help you discern between your job and your calling, providing a fresh perspective on how you can use your unique abilities for His glory and to serve others.
a person reading a book with the title how to recognize god's voice as he leads you day by day
How to Recognize God's Voice as He leads you day by day
In your daily quiet time, cultivate a heart tuned to hear God's voice, discerning His gentle whispers amid the noise of life. Set aside moments of silence, meditating on His word and opening your heart to His guidance and presence. As you listen for His voice, experience the peace and assurance that comes from knowing you are deeply loved and guided by the Creator of the universe.
an image of the words jesus's challenge in black and white on a white background
Jesus challenge monthly
Jesus challenge for 2024 for the month of January
the five ways to make room for god info sheet with instructions on how to use it
5 Ways to Make Room for God in Your Life ️
Is your heart ready for Christ? This infographic explores how to prepare your life for His transformative presence. ✨ Click through to discover: How to align your choices with God's will The importance of forgiveness and repentance Steps to cultivate purity and holiness Practices for deepening your connection with God Embracing continuous spiritual transformation #spiritualgrowth #relationshipwithgod #infographic #christianity #faith #prayer #biblestudy #transformation #holiness #forgiveness
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a poster with the words, 7 verses to make you more confident as a christian woman
The Secret of a Confident Christian Woman: 7 Bible Verses to Give You Confidence
The Secret of a Confident Christian Woman. Do you struggle with jealousy? We think there isn't enough to go around or somehow we'll be forgotten. God has us in the palm of His hands. We need to trust He has us. #blogs #biblestudies #inspiration #encouragement #living
an open book sitting on top of a chair next to a pillow with the words how to know it's god speaking to you
5 Ways to Know God's Speaking to You
a woman sitting on the floor with her feet crossed and texting if we neglect god's temple, the condition of our bodies will begin to separate us from him
What does "Your Body is God's Temple" really mean? |
a woman in white dress holding a book with the words what it really means to abdle in christ and how
What it Really Means to Abide in Christ (and How!)
Are you trying to understand what it really means to abide in Christ? Do you wonder how you can be abiding in Christ in your day to day life? Read what John 15 has to say, and learn how you can abide in Christ. #abideinChrist #John15 #abidinginChrist
a person reading a book with the text feeling spiritually stagnant? here are 5 things you need to do
Feeling Spiritually Stagnant? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Do - The Thin Place
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the words how to live a godly life in an ungodly world without judging
How To Live A Godly Life In An Ungodly World...Without Judging