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Maya Martini Silva
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reichenfeels:  fridafrag:  jay-zay:  yeah  Perfect.  I am SNORTING

Have a cup of tea and stay a whale~ — prettyalarming: jay-zay: yeah DYING

not-quite-normal: “ So Katy and Carororo let me in on their animated Sherlock handcuff shenanigans! Poor John did not think this through. ” LOVE this. More please!

This GIF is a perfect description of their entire relationship. John:*punch him in the face* John:Hahaha!*pulled by fainted Sherlock*

Master throwing knives infographic                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to choose a throwing knife and target?Goals of knife throwing and initial safety.Tips from professionals on throwing stance and knife grip.Mastering the half-spin throw and with no spin.Things to remember in combat situations.