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Planting Vegetables
Crabgrass growing in a home landscape. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Fancy Words, Weed Seeds, New Roots, Grass Seed, Large Plants, Lawn Care, Weeding, Garden And Yard, Early Spring
There is no better time than early spring to prevent crabgrass in your lawn – and best of all – you can stop it naturally with a 100% organic approach! The good news is that you can gain the upper hand on crabgrass. And best of all, you don’t have to resort to harsh chemicals or sprays to do it. Here is a look at how you can tackle crabgrass in your lawn, so you can keep the unsightly weed to a minimum year after year.
A hanging basket overflowing with pink and white flowers. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Plants For Hanging Baskets, Basket Planters, Liquid Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer, Big Basket, Compost Tea, Big And Beautiful, Gorgeous, Large Baskets
Are you tired of purchasing hanging flowering baskets in the spring only to have them fade and die before mid-summer even hits? Well, there is good news! With just a few simple tips, you can keep your hanging baskets blooming all season long. Right into the heat of summer – and into late fall too. With that in mind, here are the four simple secrets to keep your hanging baskets gorgeous all season long.
Up close image of crabgrass that has invaded a lawn. From thisismygarden.com. Weeding Tips, Lawn Food, Healthy Lawn, Invasive Plants, Lawn And Landscape, Weed Control, Create Website, Garden Spaces
Are you looking to finally eliminate and kill crabgrass from your lawn, flowerbeds and garden spaces for good – and do it without having to use harsh chemicals? The good news is by simply employing a few of these methods, you can have your lawn free of crabgrass within a few seasons. And even better – keep it that way with ease!
Products from a home garden including canned tomato juice, canned pickles, and other produce, and vegetables on display on a produce cart. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Frozen Vegetables, Planting Vegetables, Bloody Mary Recipes, Vegetable Garden Planning, Cutting Costs, Tomato Juice, Love Eat, Seed Starting, Growing Food
One of the best ways to help offset the ever rising costs of groceries is to grow a vegetable garden – especially if you plan, plant, and grow a garden with canning and preserving in mind! Here is a look at the simple keys to planning your garden now for a great harvest this year!
Weeds growing through a crack in an asphalt driveway. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. All Natural, Rock Edging, Killing Weeds, Gravel Path, Walkways Paths, Driveways, Brick Patios
When it comes to stopping weeds in driveways, walkways, paths and patios, you don’t have to resort to harsh chemicals and sprays to get the upper hand. Here is a look at how to keep your paths clear of weeds naturally, safely, and with ease!
A bag full of grass clippings that can be used as mulch for weed suppression in your gardens or flowerbeds. From thisismygarden.com. Mulch Around Trees, Trees And Shrubs, Mulch Alternatives, Types Of Mulch, Rubber Mulch, Weed Barrier, Soil Ph
If you are wondering what kind of mulch you should be using in your flowerbeds and gardens, then you are in the right place! Mulch can certainly be a gardener's best friend, but it is important to use the right kind of mulch in the right situation. Here is a look at different types of mulch and the best uses for them, along with mulching mistakes to avoid.
A gardener using cardboard in the garden to suppress weeds. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Row Gardening, Garden Works, Earthworms, Compost Bin
When it comes to using cardboard in the garden, there is definitely a wide range of opinions on whether it’s effective and safe to use – or a danger to your soil and plants. We are here to clear up questions you may have about this topic. Here is a look at the ins and outs of using cardboard in your garden, and whether or not it is an effective & safte strategy.
A blue jay picking a peanut from a wreath feeder. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Backyard Birds Feeders, Bird Feeders, Small Birds, Pet Birds, Outdoor Sitting Area, The Most Intelligent, Black Oil, Swing Set, Away
If you are looking to keep blue jays around your yard, but don't want them disturbing the rest of your backyard bird feeders, then you have come to the right place! Here is a look at simple steps you can take to keep blue jays away from certain bird feeders, but still have them visiting your yard!
A section of a garden with growing plants tied to support stakes, and bare soil that is in need of mulch. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Garden Mulch, Garden Plants, Vegetable Garden, Organic Mulch, Mulching, Grow Your Own, Sowing
If you are tired of the ever rising cost of organic mulches for your garden – it’s time to try your hand at growing your own incredible yet inexpensive garden mulch! Not only is it easy to do, it can provide your vegetable garden with some great organic mulch. All at just a fraction of the cost! Here is a look at the step-by-step method for growing your own garden mulch this year.
A potted chrysanthemum with dying leaves and blooms. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Garden Mum, Autumn Garden, Overwintering, Replant, Perennial Plants, Perennials, Hardy Mums, Potted Mums, Perennial
Want to save those expensive mums you purchased this fall and keep them alive over winter to grow again next year? Not only is it possible, it just might be easier than you ever imagined! Here is a look at the simple secrets to saving your fading mums this fall for next year!
Up close and unfocused image of dying tomato plants. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Gardening Health, Gardening Tips, How To Make Compost, Beacon Of Hope, Pepper Plants, Tomato Cages, Healthy Garden, Pruners
One of the best ways to grow a highly productive and healthy garden next year is by simply avoiding five of the biggest and most common fall garden mistakes gardeners often make at the end of the growing year. Here is a look at how to close your garden down right this year and set the stage for big success!
Up close image of small smooth rocks that will be used as ground-covering mulch under trees or shrubs. From thisismygarden.com. Landscape Stone, Things To Come, Advice, Work, Tips
When it comes to using stone as a mulch in the landscape successfully, it all comes down to knowing where stone will work well, and where using it may cause more problems than it solves. Here is a look at where stone mulch works best, and where it’s best to still use organic mulches for optimum results!
Up close image of a strawberry plant's green leaves that are coated in frost from cold outdoor temperatures. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Types Of Strawberries, Growing Strawberries, Covered Strawberries, Strawberry Varieties, Strawberry Plants, Everbearing Strawberries, Fall Care
Looking for the best way to protect your strawberry plants from the harsh, freezing conditions that winter can bring? Whether you grow your strawberries in the garden, raised beds, or in containers or hanging baskets, how you put them to bed this fall can make a huge difference in their healthy, vitality, and productivity next year. Here is an in-depth look at how to properly protect your strawberry plants – no matter how, where, or what variety you grow!
Up close image of a pile of autumn leaves that have fallen to the ground. From thisismygarden.com. Oak Leaves, Tree Leaves, Welded Wire Fence, Summer Shredding, Blueberry Bushes
Whether whole, shredded, or mixed in with the grass clippings from your yard, there are a whole slew of amazing uses for leaves in the fall. So before you go bagging and hauling all of those leaves to the curb, here are some of the best ways to turn them into magic for your landscape!
A large green recently mowed lawn with large trees growing in it. From thisismygarden.com. Lawn Damage, Fall Lawn, Walk Behind, Soil Layers, Great Falls, Top Soil, Peat
When it comes to creating and maintaining a great lawn, a few simple must-do chores this fall can really set the stage for the turf of your dreams next year! Fall is the perfect time to get your turf looking lush, green and beautiful. The cool autumn weather is ideal for repairing, reconditioning and revitalizing lawns. With that in mind, here are 5 great fall lawn tasks that can not only repair and revitalize your grass, but have it growing better than ever next year!
A yard with someone raking leaves that have fallen to the ground in the autumn season. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Garden Equipment, Outdoor Power Equipment, Lawn Garden, Garden Tools, Fall Clean Up, Hose Reels, Flower Gardening
Winter is just around the corner, and now is the time to get out while the weather is still warm and complete a few must do fall chores in the great outdoors! Here is a look at 6 must do fall chores to help you and your home & landscape prepare for a smooth winter, and an even better spring!
A raised row garden with filed peas growing in it and water collected in the walking rows. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Growing Power, Well Balanced Diet, Root Growth, Organic Matter, Garden Soil, Fertilizers
Looking for a simple, inexpensive way to feed and recharge your garden soil this fall for a better garden next year? We have you covered with not just one, but 3 easy, low-cost methods to re-energize your soil! Check out these tips for garden soil that is packed full of growing power!
A perennial flower bed with black eyed Susan, purple coneflower, day lilies, and other plants with green foliage. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Secret To Success, The Secret, Root Structure, New Start, Grow Strong
When it comes to digging up, dividing, and transplanting perennials from your flowerbeds – the fall season is the time for action! Here is a look at how to divide your perennials like a gardening pro this fall with 7 simple secrets.
A wooden crate with garden veggies including carrots, beets, and Swiss chard. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Garden Chores, Tomato Support, Vegetable Gardening, Vegetable Seasoning, Traditional Garden
Fall is one of the most important seasons for vegetable gardening. With just a little bit of effort now, you can build stronger soil and help eliminate future pest and disease issues. Here are 6 simple tasks that you can perform this fall to set your growing space up for an amazingly productive and weed free garden next year and beyond!
Up close image of tomato plants late in the season, and the tomatoes are splitting and cracking. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. How To Ripen Tomatoes, Types Of Tomatoes, Growing Tomatoes, Fertilizer For Plants, Determinate Tomatoes, Dying Plants, Seed Company
As the summer garden season nears its end – one of the biggest dilemmas for gardeners is what to do with their late season tomato plants. Even though the plants may look like the end is near, it doesn’t have to be their final curtain call. In fact, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can actually help your old plants finish strong. And in the process, provide you and your family with a final flush of fresh tomatoes!
Up close image of a Chinese 5 Color Pepper plant with green foliage, and colored peppers including yellow, red, purple, and orange. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Sweet Heat, Chili Soup, Fresh Salsa, Pepper Seeds, Easy Plants, Great Appetizers, Big Flowers
Whether you want to kick up your fresh salsa, add a little zing to your chili soup, create amazing hot pepper powder, or create the most beautiful and interesting “blooms” in your flowerbed or garden – the Chinese 5 Color Pepper plant is for you! Have a look at how to grow this beautiful pepper plant that will add so much beauty & interest to your landscape, as well as amazing flavor to many of your homemade dishes.
An aerial view of a flowerbed that has flowers, bushes, and green foliage on either side, and brown wood mulch in the middle. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Flower Beds, The 4
When it comes to mulching your flowerbeds to stop weeds, it all comes down to avoiding the 4 most common flowerbed mulching mistakes – all of which can lead to more weeds – and even more work trying to continually take care of them! Here is a look at how to avoid four of the most common pitfalls when it comes to mulching your flowerbeds.
Up close image of large garlic bulbs, one of them has white papery skin and the others have dark purple papery skin. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Planting Garlic, Spring Crops, Onion Bulbs, Fall Crop, Healthy Seeds, Summer Harvest, Garlic Bulb, Bountiful Harvest, Timing Is Everything
Growing your own garlic and onions is a deliciously rewarding experience! And it is easy to do if you take the right steps. Here is a look at how we plant both garlic and onions in the fall, along with a few secrets we’ve learned along the way to growing a bountiful harvest!
Up close image of poison ivy plants which have three leaves on each stem. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Kill Poison Ivy Naturally, Poison Ivy Plants, Poison Ivy Remedies, Garden Helpers, Garden Weeds, Yard Waste, Garden Projects, Outdoor Projects, Outdoor Ideas
Although poison ivy can be dangerous any time of the year (even when completely dormant in the winter), fall is one of the best times to attempt to eradicate it from your landscape – and for a couple of very important reasons. Here is a look at the best ways to rid your property of poison ivy once and for all.
Up close image of a chrysanthemum with green foliage, and deep red flowers that also have some orange color. From oldworldgardenfarms.com. Backyard Flowers Garden, Garden Flower Beds, Backyard Vegetable Gardens, Garden Shrubs, Container Gardening Vegetables, Vegetable Garden Design, Garden Water, Roses Garden, Garden Vines
Looking for a way to get more "bloom for your buck" with mums? There are ways to ensure your mums keep their beautiful blooms for as long as possible. So here is a look at 3 simple secrets for keeping your mums and their beautiful blooms around as long as possible this fall.