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Nam Joo Hyuk opens up about the hardships of acting in 'Elle'
"If I get confidence after finishing a production with difficulty and then enter another production, I taste frustration soon after. I'd be like, 'I really got the feel for it!' then if I try going to another set, it feels a whole lot more difficult. I get excited about the process of multiple people putting their heads together to create one story, but I feel throughout my whole body that this is a hard job the more time I spend as a real actor."
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Xem hậu trường phim, chỉ mong Dispatch “khui” ngay cặp đôi “Tiên Nữ Cử Tạ” này!
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Weightlifting Kim Bok-Joo
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#WeghtliftingFairy BTS: #NamJooHyuk
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Nam Joo Hyuk | 남주혁 | D.O.B 22/2/1994 (Pisces)
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Joo hyung oppa and Bok joo noona.
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I loved this drama sooooooooo much
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나일론 5월호 이성경&남주혁 화보.jpg - 스퀘어 카테고리