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All you need is toilet paper cardboard rolls, hot glue gun and a picture frame! Might make this a mothers day gift

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts This also makes pretty snowflakes. Paint ,cover with glue and add glitter. Saw it on craft show years ago. Great craft to do with grand kids as I did or your kids. Still have mine.

30 Artesanatos com rolinhos de papel higiênico - Reciclar e Decorar - Blog de Decoração, Reciclagem e Artesanato

30 Artesanatos com rolinhos de papel higiênico

papel higiênico transformado em arte                                                                                                                                                      Mais

We need to recycle items that we use every day. For example, a toilet paper rolls that can be an interesting decorations for your space. So let’s decorate your walls with toilet paper rolls.

Ojo de Dios Tutorial (Spanish)

This video is about how to make the petal of a flower using a hair comb. The original idea of using the hair comb for this type of quilling combing is origin.

PDF Instructions: DIY Hanging String Light Sphere. Any Size. Any Color..

Balloon/ball + string + fabric stiffener + battery operated LED light/bulb with plug-in cord = hanging sting light ball.

Decoração com rolos de papel

Decoração com rolos de papel

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Miracle yarn mandala Ojo de Dios 14.5 inches 37 by JivaMandalas

Miracle yarn mandala Ojo de Dios inches 37 by JivaMandalas