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Ford Mustang

Questions about driving experience requirements There is a big difference between a 2017 Toyota and a 1969 Boss Mustang or a 1934 Ford.

You are a servant for a wizard of high esteem. Unfortunately he does not know any real magic, he is just very good with card tricks. At this point you consider all magic to be fake until one day when you are polishing your masters " magic staff" it sparks to life in your hands (Maven's Staff by Aikurisu on deviantART)

beautiful staff, judging from its shape it was probably made from a root, which would make it strong and flexible. so it would certainly be useful in melee combat and i guess it´s also magical. - 2 kills in one hit.

finishedlongsword.jpg Photo by brotherbanzai | Photobucket

"Templar" (two handed)- (by Darksword Armouries, based on a century original found in the Schweizerishches Landesmuseum, Zurich) Remastered by a sword-smith in Florida after receiving serious damage by a previous owner


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