Milk & Honey by SeeMeDesign delish #packaging #branding #marketing PD

Milk Amp Honey By Seemedesign Stationary Corporate Design Corporatedesign Identity Branding Marketin 2

The Store  Designed by Voice Design

Very nice and simple package design. I even love the placement and composition of the products: "The Store" Designed by Voice Design

#branding #identity

A great branding example - the corporate identity has been carried through this brands and Memphis Squadron color pallet

The Glass Garden by Amanda Guarini

This was the final result of all that research from this board! Haha, took 10 long weeks from concept to final production, but I couldn't be happier with how my senior project turned out. See the rest at Design

visual identity / E.M. Photography by Igor Hrupin

kind of a physical portfolio mixed with a solid introduction to my style and services. Quite interesting. // visual identity / E. Photography by Igor Hrupin put-it-in-print


Murmure - I love the circles/holes! They remind me of la detailed ace pattern and that makes the design feel luxurious

Onkja by Motyf → behance

Onkja is a unique brand for the youngest audiences. Produces unusual clothes and accessories for children and their mothers. Onkja is a response to the trend of adult children who are no longer infantilized. They are treated as small adults now.

Chop shop

think of how they used shape of business card in letterhead I would like to use this envelope idea for the return label on wedding (or other fun-fancy events) invites.

Cycle On identity

Branding + Illustration / Cycle On (an organization that engages initiative to develop economies, apply sustainable practices, and improve infrastructure through the power and simplicity of a bamboo bike. ) ~ by Jesse Lindhorst, Minneapolis