Carlos Fini

Carlos Fini

Deathbanger and nerd
Carlos Fini
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Contra a ditadura digital! Viva a liberdade na rede!

it is ours and it is free a free and open world depends on a free and open web and a free and open web depends on me. its my internet.

Made with a ping-pong ball.

That's No Moon.It's An Insanely Detailed Death Star Made Out of a Ping Pong Ball -

Þorsteinn Beer

School project at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. We were to make a branding proposal for a microbrewery in Iceland and we decided to make 10 different bottle designs for the one and the same beer brand. The design could be placed on beer glasses as wel…

Stormtrooper QR Code

With this t-shirt youll become an overnight geek celebrity, just like Vader setting foot on the Deathstar! Watch the geeks around you whip out various handheld devices to scan your chest!