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Look Inside the Extremely Rare Codex Seraphinianus, the Weirdest Encyclopedia Ever

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lionofchaeronea: “The Minotaur. The surrounding description reads ὁ παῖς καλός (”The boy is handsome/beautiful”). Tondo of an Attic black-figure kylix, attributed to the Painter of London ca. Now in the National Archaeological Museum of.

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beauvelvet: “ “Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses by James Joyce. Photographed in 1955 by Eve Arnold. ” She kept ‘Ulysses’ in her car and had been reading it for a long time. She said she loved the sound of it and would read it aloud to herself to try to.

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cropped artwork image: Miguel de Cervantes’s “Don Quixote“ by Gustave Doré

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Jorge Luis Borges - June 1986 By Horacio Villalobos/Corbis, 1973

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Red King sleeping - Chess - Through the Looking-Glass: the Red King is snoring. Illustration by John Tenniel

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Posters - World War Poster - 053 - Charless Buckles Falls - 1918 - Books Wanted For Our Men Painting

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