wrist tattoo forest

The Tattoo Forest by Positive Tattoo is a cool wristband tattoo design with some Indian ornament and the forest performed with blackwork technique.

Blackwork Geometry Leg tattoo

Blackwork Geometry Leg tattoo This piece remids of a field sings. Leg tattoo by Ben Volt

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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tatouage dessin"

Freehand Geometric Blackwork by Ben Volt at Form8 Tattoo in San Francisco - Imgur

awesome Tattoo Trends - Freehand Geometric Blackwork by Ben Volt at Tattoo in San Francisco - Albu.

calf geometrical tattoos

The Blackwork Geometrical Leg Tattoos by Ben Volt are marvelous. It is a combination of the geometrical tattoo design and blackwork tattoo technique.

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"I am in everything, everything is in me." Thanks for coming all the way from Seattle, Jah! (at Scholar Tattoo)

Chris's bold dynamic abstract freehand heavy blackwork full sleeve. Artista Tatuador: Ben Volt

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Sleeve Tattoos That Are Prettier Than Clothing

Finished up this angular dynamic freehand piece for Chris. Inspired by armor, op-art and all the usual suspects. Its been a fun journey! Thanks for being such a great guy!