Amo Craft: Crochet Patterns

Tutorial for a crochet sole. Wow, so much easier to get my head around than written patterns. It helps to be able to 'see' it.

Прямоугольный коврик по принципу бабушкиного квадрата | Искусница



Share Knit and Crochet: Crochet shawl-scarf "Mad Eight" from Bernat! Use for a rug pattern

rainbow double spiral - This is beautiful, but I doubt I'll ever be able to make it.  Maybe one day I'll give it a try.

I like this pattern, but I think it would look better in white thread/rainbow table runner - amazing crochet.

Стежок крючком. | Тунисский крючок | Постила

Тунисский крючок


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