Xiumin's eyes are green like mine because we are destined to be together. ❤❤ #Facts

Pasivas: -D.o Kyungsoo -Byun Baekhyun -Lu Han -Xiumin Machos: -K… Fanfic

fanart, agustd, and bts image

~ From '' Jimin & Suga & Jungkook (my lovers) [BTS] '' xMagic xNinjax 's board ~ fanart, agustd, and bts image

Yes I know I've pinned this several times but this is my favorite picture of him and I need to pin it again for my marshmallow's birthday! HAPPY minseok day! | 3/26/2017

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This man ruined mine and rap monsters relationship! He became my new bias. I still love rap monster but suga has replaced him

So sweet A.R.M.Y Forever

BTS & ARMY together forever<<<< this is so fucking cute oml<< together forever,never apart.Maybe in distance,but never at heart ~♥♥


BLACKPINK Lisa I think she looks better with blonde hair. but this orange is good too 라리사