Paola Guimarães

Paola Guimarães

Paola Guimarães
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Moonhorse by Wolfling01

Moonhorse by Wolfling

Chameleons move very slowly with great deliberation. They have a special tongue that is longer than their bodies and is very fast. Their eyes can move independently. They can change their color to camouflage with their surroundings.  #Animals #Reptiles #Chameleons

not so small Chameleon Triceros by Blepharopsis

black skirt and sweater


Style Jeans Shirts Jackets Dapper Gent Fashion Tops casual want cool look smart ideas


Khaki Pant With Blue Shirt

Summer Saga, Shoes jeans shirt beard streetstyle men fashion, good guys: who doesn't want these kind of friends

J&F Magazine: Fashion 4 Guys, Street Style, Chicos con Barba

fitted v-neck grey sweater, light blue shirt, raw denim, brown db / men #Mens Fashion #Men Fashion|

men's fashion, oxford shirt, grey v-neck sweater, dark denim mens fashion the simple white tee

if this isn't a picture of the ideal man i don't know what is.

Plaid Flannel is a great look for the cooler weather. Pair with work boots for the outdoors or a tie for the office. Check out the plaid flannel collection.

Love the tank for the split in it. And kudos to the model for having a yellow watch on the yellow side and a black dog tag to match the white side

Grunge meets Norwegian | mens sweater | mens style | mens fashion | great look

Sweater with flannel, leather bag, hat, beard, and jeans.