Faça você mesmo uma estampa em relevo com efeito de bordado. Veja o vídeo com o passo a passo no blog!

Estampa em relevo com tinta expansível

Puffy paint makes a modern design statement on a plain tee // easy cool clothing hack

bucket purse || mini bucket bag || t shirt yarn purse || crochet bag

Cool idea, spray paint goodwill, rummage sale or dollar store frames red, black and white (or gray) and glue them together.

Free Garden Tie Backs Crochet Pattern

Flower Curtain Tie Back Free Crochet Patterns

Porta agulhas de crochê by LeiaCook, via Flickr

淡淡的素雅。。 ~ Japanese Bag for Holding Crochet Hooks, with Crochet Trim. (no pattern available) However, if you knit or crochet Doilies, just make your favorite doily and sew it to your needle bag!

Entre linhas.

Ukraine, from Iryna ~ fancy twisted interlocking stitchwork to join two pieces of fabric. Picture is big enough that I can see where the needle goes and how the thread wraps around in this embroidery technique. Try this to put together knitted or crochete

ballerine crochet tutorial                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Pantunflas verdes How to Make Simple Crochet Slippers >these look good. It's hard to find FREE decent adult slipper pattern. This you could add edging to and some buttons or as is :) Thanks for posting this tut :)

Crafty Lady Abby: COSTUME INSPIRATION: Shoulder Jewelry

I've been in love with shoulder jewelry for years. I'm happy that it's something that many people enjoy and therefor has many variations.

Resultado de imagem para ponto margarida bordado

Broderie Lazy daisy stitch – used to create a flower Pull needle though to front at Make a loop and insert again right next to Come out again at 2 holding the thread under the needle as you pull tight. Insert the needle at 3 and move onto the next petal.