crochet stitch

crochet mesh pattern that is good for many things., can be use in Irish Crochet, market bag, just a plain top for over a t-shirt in the Summer, etc.

Granny red

Kissenbezug häkeln Rückseite - big granny crochet - filet crochet in the round to create square - picture tutorial on site Más

Punto marroqui a crochet paso a paso - Patrones Crochet                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Step by step crochet tutorials. Easy patterns for beginners. ¡New tutorial every week! grab a hook and learn how to crochet your dreams :)

You can't get any simpler than a plain fishnet pattern. This is a great beginner stitch.

free pattern - Trellis stitch - Didn't even know this design had a name, I've thought of it as "mesh.