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two shelves with plants and books on them
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a bathroom with plants growing on the shower wall and in front of it is a sign that says, hanging plants that arrive in a bathroom and how to hang them
7 Hanging Plants that Thrive in a Bathroom + How to Hang Them
an info sheet describing the different types of plants in pots and vases that are labeled
Modern Oh So Stylish Planters — Katrina Blair | Interior Design | Small Home Style | Modern LivingKatrina Blair
an info sheet describing indoor plants that release oxygen at night, including houseplants and succulents
Indoor Plants That Release Oxygen at Night
the best bedroom plants for better sleep are in pots and on top of each other
Plants for better sleep
a poster with different types of house plants
11 Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep Better - The Sleep Matters Club | Best plants for bedroom, House