Nina Orthof
Nina Orthof
Nina Orthof

Nina Orthof

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B. W. Betts’ Geometrical Psychology | The Public Domain Review

Opicinus de Canistris (1296–ca. 1354) Diagram with Zodiac Symbols, folio 24r Avignon, France, 1335–50 Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vatican City, Pal. Lat. 1993

A Moon or a Button by Ruth Krauss and Remy Charlip, 1959 In which each page introduces a new storyline that is never completed. via Curious Pages

Self Portrait At 26, 1498 by Albrecht Dürer. He was the first artist to have published the first known perspective drawing of Earth as a globe in 1515.

14th Century Star Map -

// moon phases

Mayan Interdimensional Star Map

from Utriusque Cosmi, by Robert Fludd, 1617-1621

Tycho Brahe, The zodiacal armillary sphere (1581)