Pati Ottoni
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Louise Byrnes

Louise Byrnes, printmaking and textiles


color and pattern - ombre scallop pattern background - trendy pastel colors

Birches Schumacher Wallcovering

Birches Schumacher Wall covering in Black and White (also ivory silver etc) Wallcovering SKU - 2707243

mandalas in a green African fabric

tutus, formação de palco - African Fabric - Turquoise, Red and Yellow.

Sarah Lochrie

I would very much like a whole room wallpapered in bike wallpaper. And I don't even like wallpaper. by elsie

frida by bouffants & broken hearts

Helen Dardik - reminds me of Josef Frank's design


print & pattern: TOP DRAWER 2013 - bubble tree design Like this.

colour pattern 5 Art Print |  Georgiana

colour pattern 5 Art Print by Georgiana Paraschiv) pink orange red

print & pattern

print & pattern: DESIGNER - go benny go aqua turquoise green floral