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Scratch designs into styrofoam plates to use like rubber stamps- use for DIY invitations to stamp date etc- cheaper than buying stamps

Sound Science for Kids: Make a Craft Stick Harmonica. Fun STEM project!

Sound Science for Kids: Make a Craft Stick Harmonica

This craft stick harmonica is fun to play, and you can adjust the pitch by moving the straws! It’s a neat project, and a good one to make with a group because the materials are very inexpensive. You can fit in a little science learning too – see the bot

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Carimbos para crianças feitos em casa

Wrap some baker's twine or other string around a wooden block to create a graphic textured stamp. -can also use rubber bands- Stamp on inside of paper bags from grocery store or paper that comes in mailed packages, use as wrapping paper.


Chaos writes: We love the whole idea of upcycling our ‘junk’ here at Kids Chaos, and wanted to share this fab idea for making some clacky castanets… You will need: Beer bottle lids (Liz asked where these Spitfire bottle … Continue reading →

Centro de Educação Infantil Profª Tereza A. E. Augsburger: O Corpo Humano

Centro de Educação Infantil Profª Tereza A. E. Augsburger: O Corpo Humano

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Uma série de objetos que ficam encostados pela casa antes de nos decidirmos se os jogaremos no lixo, podem ser reutilizados e transformados em coisas úteis

Transforme objetos sem uso em vasos de flores diferentes e estilosos

Recycling : Simple Plastic Bottle Vase, great idea for a base to a centerpiece…use an old CD.

Make musical instruments using different materials. Have children play these and describe different sounds they hear. This relates to PreK-PS4-1(MA). Investigate sounds made by different objects and materials and discuss explanations about what is causing the sounds. Through play and investigations, identify ways to manipulate different objects and materials that make sound to change volume and pitch.

6 DIY Musical Instruments for Kids


Calder Sculptures using clay, wire and foam. Invitation station idea- what can you create with these materials?

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Atividades de Artes - Tarsila do Amaral - Releituras e muito mais

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