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Четыре рыцаря Гвина dark souls, рыцари, арт, Арториас, Орнштейн, Сиаран, Гох, длиннопост

armor artist request artorias the abysswalker cape dark souls full armor full body helmet highres knight plate armor solo souls (from software) sword weapon yinwoeren - Image View -

Dark Souls Comic Book Coming in April 2016 - IGN

Just in time for Dark Souls III, Titan Comics will be fleshing out this grim fantasy universe in a new ongoing series.

Dark Souls 2 by on @DeviantArt

Here is a rendering of the Dark Souls 2 Warrior Knight. Will get back to it later but most definately finishing it :D !

Dark Souls - Lord's Blade Ciaran

Special beings have special souls Ciaran laid waste to Gwyn’s enemies through assassination and subterfuge. She was very close to the fallen Knight Artorias, and understands the false legacy behind.