sun hats nice free pattern I need one for my granddaughter who is a little older than these babes, so I guess I will be making a toile for once to check the size!!

Free Sun Hat Pattern

- Làm cái nón này - Free sun hat tutorial - tute says it's sized for "an older infant or a younger toddler", then mentions it fits her old twins perfectly :)

Toddler Sun Bonnet With a Ruffle Brim

Sew an Adorable Toddler Bonnet with This Free Pattern

We all know that one of the keys to preventing skin cancer is starting early. Sew sun bonnets to protect your toddler from sun damage. Find a free pattern and directions here.


Baby sun hat pattern

Grace and I have this in common: we are both experiencing our first Boston springtime. This project was inspired by a delightfully sunny Saturday, combined with the fact that around here it's raini.

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