Búho estuche de carga. podría ampliarse también a ser un bolsillo para el coche, puerta, silla, etc .... en cualquier lugar que tenga que tener un poco de almacenamiento ordenado.

Owl Charging Pocket - practical, this could be enlarged too to be a pocket for the car, door, chair etc. anywhere you need to have a bit of tidy storage.

enrolador de cabo

DIY Tutorial craft tutorials / How to make a headphone cord winder - Bead&Cord

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DIY cute felt bear phone case tutorial The elastic is super convenient and is able to hold your earbuds on the go

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must pin 4 luved pets that have left us & r buried in the garden. 4 future generations & in case our house is ever sold must do a cement plaque

My best friend loves everything panda, literally everything. So I thought it would be a great idea to make this for her Christmas, birthday or any purpose anyway! xx

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Panda iPod case with a little pocket for money or anything small. And you wrap your ear buds up and Velcro the arms together for no more tangled messes! Ahhh i dont have a ipod or a iphone and i want this so badly its to cute ;

Handyladestation - versch. Ausführungen  http://de.dawanda.com/shop/Miss-Maerz

Handyladestation - versch. Ausführungen http://de.dawanda.com/shop/Miss-Maerz


Use your old jeans pocket for a cell phone charging holder!just use a phone case that has a strap.