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a paper cut tree is displayed on the wall
Going away tree messages idea
three potted plants with faces painted on them and grass growing out of their mouths
Bonequinhos cabeça-de-alpiste
fonte: Hoje a amiga/prima/educadoradeprimeira Mariana de Oliveira Sa...
a child's artwork made to look like the moon and earth
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a sun decoration hanging from the ceiling in a classroom
three trees with colorful leaves on them
Artwork published by Alexa1927
Check out Alexa1927's artwork on Artsonia, the largest student art museum on the web. Don't forget to join the fan club and leave a comment on the website.
four children's clothes hanging from wooden hangers with pictures of people on them
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three little pots with grass growing out of them
Plano de aula Meio Ambiente - A sementinha - Pra Gente Miúda - Atividades e Projetos para Educação Infantil
Plano de aula para trabalhar na Semana do meio ambiente com turmas da educação infantil. A ideia aqui sugerida é realizar um planejamento semanal e desenvolver atividades que conscientizam sobre a necessidade de amar e proteger a natureza, ainda diverte! Objetivos Realizar atividades relacionadas sobre o tema trabalhado a fim de desenvolver habilidades e sentimentos …
an image of children's artwork made out of paper with the words obama on it
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the earth is made out of paper and then cut into smaller pieces to make it look like
Earth Day Activity for Kids
earth day craft for kids. Fun classroom art activity.
handprints on a white paper with the words fold natta 2010 written in multicolored hands
Föld napja sk.
a paper plate that has a lion face on it and the words, diy lion craft
Lion King Coloring Pages
Doilies and orange dot markers are the perfect combination to make this adorable doily lion craft for kids. Make it after a trip to the zoo, or to compliment a children's book, or make it just because.
a person is making a flower out of paper with colored paint on the paper and pointing at it
Revista Artesanato - Centenas de Passo a Passos Incríveis
Cartão de dia das mães para as crianças fazerem
Centro de mesa feito de garrafa Pet - Florzinha de Garrafa Pet - Dicas pra Mamãe Recycling, Plastic Bottles, Fai Da Te, Plastic Bottle, Primavera, Plastic Bottle Art
Centro de mesa feito de garrafa Pet - Florzinha de Garrafa Pet
Centro de mesa feito de garrafa Pet - Florzinha de Garrafa Pet - Dicas pra Mamãe
three different pictures of the same object on a table with markers and crayons
Sempre criança
Sempre criança