Con le mie mani by Anna Bruno: Tutorial scialle crochet - created via

Con le mie mani by Anna Bruno: Tutorial scialle crochet - created via…

Crochet Beautiful Beanie Hat - Free Pattern [Video]

Crochet Beautiful Beanie Hat - Free Pattern [Video]

3D Crochet Butterfly Free Pattern-Video

Crochet Butterfly Free Pattern-Video: crochet a eight pointed flower and fold them into a butterfly. Pattern in English and Spanish.

МК цветок крючком | Все крючком.ру

Букет голубых фиалок

Crochet Spring Flower Blessings~ "Old Fashion Vintage Farmer's Wife" ~

O azulejo marroquino afegão :: teste #crochet livre com instruções para 6 tamanhos diferentes e esquemas de cores infinitas!

The Moroccan Tile Afghan :: free pattern with instructions for 6 different sizes and infinite color schemes! Pattern seems too advanced for my current skill level, but I'm keeping it for when I get better.


Easy granny rectangle throw, by Erin Lindsay; written pattern on her site, just click the pic.

Hot Off My Hook! Project: Cowl Neck Poncho Started: 06 Apr 2016 Completed: 09 Apr 2016 Model: Madge the Mannequin Crochet Hook(s): K Cowl Portion, K, Granny Stitch portion Yarn: I Love This Yarn Color(s): Light Peach, Crean, Grey Mist Pattern Source: Simply Crochet Magazine, Issue No. 25 (Hard Copy) Pattern Designed By: Simone Francis Notes: This is my 82cd Cowl-Neck Poncho!

The source for this creator's pattern is described in her comment. I believe she said Simply Crochet Magazine Actual pattern isn't instantly available because the pin owner is respecting legal copyright :)