Joa Herrenknecht's abstract lighting sculptures, called KOGI, are constructed out of pieces of lightweight Tyvek that are cut into triangles and assembled into their hanging forms.

Geometric KOGI Lamp by Studio Joa Herrenknecht

Berlin-based designer Joa Herrenknecht launched a new geometric lighting series called KOGI

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Decorando com Formas Geométricas

modular shelf 21 cm x 21 cm x 42 cm powder coated metallic shelf MADE IN FRANCE is a shelf that can be used in two different positions. One piece alone at an angle or on the wall will highlight its shape, but you can also put it together with one

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space-saving dining room design, Cube Style features a tiny square table with two booths. All three pieces fit together to form a box when not in use. The table top remains available for holding dec

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Imagem via KM we wnętrzu.

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