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Pra que fazer isso com meu cocoro?

Team 7 and their Senseis - The 3 Sannins ♥♥♥ Sasuke and Orochimaru, Naruto and Jiraiya, Sakura and Tsunade ♥ So sad that Jiraiya couldn't see Naruto becoming Hokage and he's the only one missing :( :( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im crying its sooooo sad

Esses dois ♥

Viking painting Viking berserks are described as terrible in the Icelandic old Sagas. They are supposed to have trembled, clapping their teeth and howling. When attacking they would bite their shields (Beauty Women Hot)

look closely!! Athanstan's spirit, Ragnar crying, and the cross!!! hope I'm wrong!!

Another pinner said. Athanstan's spirit, Ragnar crying, and the cross! I wonder if Ragnar will turn his faith to a new God!