50 great household hints-

50 household hints- Burned a pot of rice? Place a piece of white bread on top of rice for mins to draw out burned flavor. DON'T scrape burned pieces off bottom of pan when serving. Keep potatoes from budding in bag, put an apple in with them.


Zigzag shelf - by TDSpade ~ woodworking community. Would be a terrific idea for a child's room, painted white etc.

lustre feito com caixa de leite ou de suco

Awesome Cardboard Lamp

Funny pictures about Awesome Cardboard Lamp. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Cardboard Lamp. Also, Awesome Cardboard Lamp photos.

No ocupa lugar al guardarla

More elegant design. Super compact but quick to setup and practical albeit uncomfortable!

Móvel de quinta: Parede de nichos

Móvel de quinta: Parede de nichos

Clever shelving design that could be developed. Design firm Brigada have designed the interior of AlpStories, a concept store for a Slovenian cosmetics brand.

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