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four different types of paper with the words seed me printed on them, and some sort of origami
Seed Me
Diana Campos
four different views of the same product in three different images, each with a cardboard tree
Seed Me
Diana Campos
six different views of the inside of a paper bag that is open and closed, with green lettering on it
Seed Me
Diana Campos
three boxes with plants in them sitting on a table
“Cactus Packaging”. Un proyecto de yui_kuyin | Domestika
Cactus Packaging
an open cardboard box with a cactus in it and the packaging is attached to another package
Packaging et PLV
Ultra-book de Florian Biteau Portfolio :Packaging et PLV
two small boxes with plants in them being held by someone's hand, on a white background
“Cuddle Pack”. Un proyecto de miren_camara | Domestika
Cuddle Pack 4