Paulo Roberto Borges

Paulo Roberto Borges

Paulo Roberto Borges
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pirate, yongbin lee / dylan on ArtStation at

A part of the Renatus Collective is in charge of seeking out defectors, competitors or enemies, this is Glass-eye Wymond, a rather boisterous but cruel bounty hunter

Inspiration for the Prophet of Nine. #MetalShadow From The Witcher artbook

NPC: Limus Lutum of house Lutum (Limus the Greedy by the townfolk of Cliffside): Race: Human: He is the mayor of Cliffside. He dies if he is hit once.

Human Female Noble Aristocrat - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D d20 fantasy

Princess Priscilla of Dūvensar. Eldest child of Prince Regis and older sister of Prince Sulyvahn, Prince Rezidis and Princess Ryis. Royelty of Kazard.