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Pedro Rodrigues

Pedro Rodrigues
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The High Line (USA). 'Refurbished rail tracks have been transformed into grassy…

The High Line in New York - Refurbished rail tracks have been transformed into grassy catwalks in the sky. It’s the paradigm of urban renewal gone right, enjoying its status as one of the city’s most beloved public spaces.

The Louisa in Portland, Ore. is a residential high-rise apartment building with…

Green Roof Benefits - GRHC WEBSITE - GRHC (Green Roofs for Healthy Cities) An awesome way to utilize unused space and promote environmental services.

traditional paths with rocks and bricks | beach rock and brick path. This could…

Wonderful mix of material for garden path. Cobblestone sectioned between random pattern of bricks (reclaimed bricks offer a softer mellow tone of age along with irregular edges) and plantings of different types of thyme. Bordered with bricks as well.