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Kate will visit the Netherlands !!YOU MAY ALSO LIKE

During their royal tour of India, the Duke and Duchess paid their respects at the monument William's mother famously visited in

Travelling to Italy - Milano, a capital of fashionYOU MAY ALSO LIKE

Indeed, Milan is the capital of fashion in italy and a global icon of this big industry. But this city isn't just about renown brands, the.

Happy 32nd Birthday Prince Harry!YOU MAY ALSO LIKE

Prince Harry is 32 years old today. He is the second son of Prince Charles and a late Princess Di.

Beautiful painted vasesYOU MAY ALSO LIKE

Beautiful painted vasesYOU MAY ALSO LIKE

The Cat That Everyone is Talking About In The Internet!

People have compared him to a owl, a tribble (fictional furry alien creatures in the Star Trek universe) and even to the sootballs in Miyazaki's Spirited Away animated film

Lime Layer Cake With Mango

This Lime Layer Cake with Mango Buttercream came into creation because I had a couple mangoes in the refrigerator that were on their last legs. While trying to brainstorm mango recipe ideas, I coul…

Mary and Frederik in Vogue Australia.

Mary of Denmark and the crown prince Frederick wore a part of a photoshoot for Vogue Australia. Even their 4 children were involved.