Pedro Phd

Pedro Phd

Cristo Morreu por mim, isso justifica tudo.
Pedro Phd
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21 amazing photos that show what life is like in the coldest inhabited town on Earth. A woman walks over an ice-encrusted bridge in Yakutsk.

Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy VII)

Final Fantasy - Cloud and Tifa - "Childhood Promise" by MCAshe ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ahip dip sip fip dop ship ship djil sip ship cop civp xop

La fantasía de Didier Graffet

dieselpunkflimflam: steampunktendencies: “La Tour” by Didier Graffet You can’t go wrong with deco zeppelins over the City of Lights.

O universo é a mudança, a vida é o que o pensamento faz desta mudança.

Howl's Moving Castle : Fallen Star by Naoko-Miharu : Print Out and Put on Canvas - in this movie you can connect to the character of Howl in so many different ways and I want to remember that through seeing this photo in my living room