Caio Pereira Capella

Caio Pereira Capella

Caio Pereira Capella
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Re-Vision es un ejercicio de estilo y de síntesis de diferentes iconos culturales. Se trata de una serie de retratos de los personajes más representativos del mundo del cómic, del cine, de la televisión, del deporte y de la música.

Pop Culture Icons Superman Form & Co Superman - Re-Vision is an exercise in style and synthesis of different cultural icons. It is a series of portraits of the most representative of the world of comics, movies, television, sports and music.


NASA Butterfly Nebula (NGC Located in the constellation Scorpius, the structure of this nebula is one of the most fragile and complex that has ever been studied. The butterfly shape has lead scientists to name it's structure a "bipolar structure.


& time goes on, you?ll understand. What lasts, lasts; Time solves most things. And what time can?t solve, you have to solve yourself.