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House Plant Inspo

Need some inspiration to add a little green to your home? House plants are the way to go and with this board you'll have all the houseplant inspiration you need…
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These are the 4 simple things you need to keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig tree happy and healthy! This Fiddle Leaf Fig plant care guide makes it quick and easy for new indoor plant growers. Check out these tropical trees on our website!
When it comes to fertilizer for your houseplants or garden most people gravitate toward either slow-release or liquid-based fertilizers. But what are the benefits of using a liquid fertilizer? This short video breaks down 4 key benefits to applying liquid plant foods to your landscape and houseplants! Check out our Amazon store to see our full collection of plant foods to nourish your fruit, vegetables, or flowering plants.
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Houseplant Care

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No space? No problem! These 5 popular plants can be grown long term in containers, making them perfect for gardens on patios, porches, balconies, or your terrace. Find all these plants and more on our website! 🌿
Details inside!~ Some growers and gardeners are hesitant to bring plants indoors in fear they might harm their pets! Certain houseplants can cause stomach irritation and other problems for cats and dogs if ingested. However, we compiled this category of pet-safe and friendly houseplants that are certified by the ASPCA! These plants are safe for both cats and dogs🐶🐱
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House Plant Design

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Add an indoor houseplant to your collection today! We’ve got tons of options to choose from that are low maintenance, pet friendly, low light, & plants for beginners. Make your guests say WOW with tropical plants that bring greenery and instant decor. Shop now for best selection!
Sansevieria Zeylanica is a great neutral-colored Snake Plant. They don't offer flashy colors like the Laurentii and they don't have the dramatic dark foliage of the Black Coral. This is the perfect middle ground for people that want to add some classic green color and texture to their indoor living space. Zeylanica Snake Plants can grow to be 2-3 feet tall and wide!
Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees (or Ficus Lyrata) are one of the most popular houseplants! These are just 4 reasons you could benefit from having one of these indoor trees in your home or office.


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