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Recycling Plastic Bottles Ideas What the fuck? Why make furniture out of old water bottles when you could just a) use a water filter and b) drink out of a reusable bottle? Or you can spend a day on this silly landfill craft idea.


DIY: Vase or Jar For Storage or Gifts. Take a hot glue gun and print your design on a bottle or jar, and then spray paint.

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Stack-able storage! I'm so going to make this out of old soup cans and use at my desk or at the writing center. This would be perfect in the writing center!

DIY Plastic Jug Watering Can via @Trash Alou Alou Backwards & @Karen Jacot Mitchell Packaging Group #reuse

Turn an Empty Plastic Jug into a Free Watering Can by Rebecca RockefellerNeed a new watering can for your garden? Check the closest recycling bin for a plastic jug. All sorts of things are packaged…

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How to make beautiful interior wall decor with used newspapers step by step DIY tutorial instructions


Buttons seem to be popular for kids projects! Take a boring mirror and decorate the frame with colorful buttons. This will keep your kid busy for a while!

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Make A Hanging Gutter Garden - Why Bother with a Gutter Garden? Gutter gardens are a great way to take advantage of the vertical spaces around your home to grow flowers, edibles

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