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the sesame street show is in spanish and english
an image of two men with hats and mustaches
a mug shot of a cat holding a sign that says suttele atrejo paula dona chica
an image of the back side of a computer screen with text overlaying it
an orange bird with the words po me perturbas filsteu
an advertisement for the green arrow's specialty arrows, with instructions on how to use it
a poster with an image of a man's body and the words in spanish
Ensinamentos errôneos
an image of the spanish language menu for piscota, which is also in english and
two people sitting at a table talking to each other with the caption in spanish
Como eu
a black and white photo with the words,'o que os ohos nao ve
Bota paranóia nisso...
a cartoon drawing of a green monster in the water with a red bird on its head
a drawing of a person sitting on a chair in front of a sign that says, i
a cartoon depicting two red foxes sitting on top of a cliff in front of a black hole
a cartoon character holding a coffee cup with the caption that reads, letturas filosoficas que destroem as flurosm as ludos e
the diagram shows different types of food that people are eating and how they eat them
Coletânea de memes aleatórios de sexta-feira (#142)
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