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a fish tank filled with lots of plants and food
Great crabitat layout with two second levels and lots of climbing areas
a pink and blue crab sitting on top of a white table next to crystal rocks
Category: ArtWork | The Crab Street Journal
Mineral hermit crab artwork by Justine Raymond (Illustration)
an aquarium filled with lots of different types of animals
Grate Crab Climbing Wall
Grate Crab Climbing Wall - #DIY!
a green plate topped with lots of different types of vegetables
Crabby Cravings Hermit Crab Shop UK
Awesome list of foods safe for hermit crabs
an aquarium filled with lots of different types of plants and fish in it's tank
Fish Bowl Moss Pit
Fish Bowl Moss Pit for hermit crabs. #DIY
two seashells sitting on top of each other in a shell
Hermit crab bunk bed ☺
hundreds of sea shells are gathered on the beach
Sunrise Hermit Crab Crowd Spawning On North Ambergris Caye | San Pedro Scoop
Hermit crabs spawning in July on Ambergris Caye, Belize
a giraffe's neck is adorned with shells and eggs
HERMIT-CRABS.COM. Your hermit crab care headquarters!
Great article: Why does my crab act the way it does?
three santa hats sitting on top of a wooden table
Hermit crabs in Santa hats
an aquarium with plants and rocks in it
"The shell shelf!! I got a corner shelf from the kitchen section and covered it with coco fiber. I wrapped hemp around the "legs" and a net around the super. Fairly cheap and super easy."
there are many stuffed animals sitting in the glass container on the shelf next to each other
Guide to Hermit Crab Molting
Guide to Hermit Crab Molting.. If you are a Hermit Crab newbie, this is an amazing video to watch on the molting process!
four different views of an animal's skin and its structures in black and white
Study: Do terrestrial hermit crabs sniff?
a plastic container filled with lots of different types of items on top of a table
Tiny shells for a hermit crab to play with or inspect or do whatever a crab might like to do with a tiny seashell
several shells in a metal basket on top of green plants and rocks next to a wall
hermit crab
Plastic aquarium ground cover (plants) on the front of a second level crabitat shell shop
a close up of a plant with dirt on it
Legos Crab Substrate Divider
Legos Crab Substrate Divider -