This baby crow is a bucket full of fluff.

This is all over the place as a "baby crow" but it's not. It's a baby chicken most likely. Crows and Ravens don't get their black beaks until maturity. Baby crows aren't fluffy cute adorableness.

wow. silver laced polish chicken. fantastic bouffant hair do!

Silver Laced Polish Chicken

1969 Cadillac DeVille

1969 Cadillac DeVille with background of Long Island Sound, Stony Brook, N. The car was parked near the Stonewall Inn the night of the rebellion and impounded by police.

The Somali Cat...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful cat. Does any one know what kind it is?

Nudie Cohn


* The Legendary Country Western tailor to the stars -- Nudie Cohn. * Circa Los Angeles, CA-- Hands of Nudie Cohn the Rodeo Tailor --Image by © Jeff Albertson * Nudie suits have been worn b.