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White Diamond, Luma Knox
White Diamond, Luma Knox
a woman wearing a black shawl with her hands on her hips
a woman with her hands on her chest in front of a black hooded figure that appears to be covering her face
a man sitting in the middle of a white circle on top of a black background
Uma criatura ligada ao passado e futuro, morte e vida. Pode ser capturada ao ser oferecido uma alma (não pode ser NPC) em qualquer floresta da cidade. Suas palavras são verdadeiras e tudo o que diz realmente acontece, mas existe um perigo de prendê-lo, e contatá-lo, correndo risco de vida sem qualquer explicação, apenas a certeza... Não irá sobreviver muito tempo.
a man wrapped in rope standing on the ground
The Wisdom of Uncertainty - Fractal Enlightenment
The Wisdom of Uncertainty
a painting of a woman sitting in a red chair with her legs crossed and hands behind her back
Motherland Chronicles #10 - throne lady by tobiee on DeviantArt
the statue is covered in white cloths and stands tall with its arms wrapped around it
an artistic painting of a woman dancing in the moonlight
a digital painting of a woman with her arms wrapped around the body, standing in front of a cloudy sky
ArtStation - Explore
a digital painting of a person doing yoga with arms and legs spread out in the air
Ancient Civilizations: Character Design Winners Interview - ArtStation Magazine
Ancient Civilizations: Character Design Winners Interview
a drawing of a man standing in front of a fireball with his hands up
Men in fantasy art
elfslavewatdo: “(I recall somebody asking if I had more magic multi-arm pieces?)…
an alien with a clock on its face is standing in the middle of a desert
Come Now Sleep
megarusathings:“ Diana Franco”
a black and white drawing of a creature with two hands in the air, surrounded by lights
A g0d
an animated character is flying through the air with her arms spread out and hands outstretched
training, B ASARA
an animated character is standing with his hands in the air and holding something up to his head
Legacy Coven, Qifeng Lin